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Troubleshoot the Keychain

Keychain First Aid:

  • Run Keychain Access found in /Applications/Utilities.
    • Go to the Keychain Access Menu and drag down to Keychain First Aid.
    • Enter your login password, click 'Verify' and 'Start'.
    • You will probably get some items colored red. Click 'Repair' and 'Start'. If some items are still red, 'Repair' again.
  • Run repair permissions
    • Choose Apple menu > Software Update to make sure you have the latest version of Mac OS X. A software update may change a file’s permissions to improve security.
    • Open Disk Utility found in /Applications/Utilities , select the volume you want to check.
    • Click First Aid.
    • Click Repair Disk Permissions to test and repair permissions.

Test to see if the problem is fixed. If not...

  1. Go to the system keychain and delete the entry for that account.
  2. Go to Entourage, select 'accounts' from the Tools menu, Delete the account. (not just delete the info, but the entire account)
  3. Create a new Account.
  4. Test