Using MBOX files with Entourage

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MBOX files

The MBOX file is a specially-constructed text file, usable by any text editor, which contains mail messages within the file (some other email programs also use them).

If you drag a folder of messages to the desktop, Entourage will automatically create an MBOX file.

  1. You can use these to store messages and reduce the size of your database.
  2. You can use these to move mail from one Identity to another. They are not version specific.
  3. Subfolders won't be included; you need to drag them separately, or use one of the export MBOX files using a script.
  4. Dragging an MBOX file into Entourage changes Received Time to the time you drag the MBOX back in. It leaves the Sent time exactly how it was - correct. Sort the messages by Sent time, it will still sort them correctly.

This movie will show you how to create an MBOX file and how to import MBOX files using:

  1. Drag and Drop
  2. File | Import